Dialysis and Depression

by Carlos Weiss, M.D. and Victor Crentsil, M.D. The objectives for this case are that the reader will develop: 1. knowledge of some general principles of pharmacologic management in an older patient on hemodialysis; 2. appreciation of the complex nature of caring for older patients with multiple diseases. History MAY/JUNE This case begins in the […]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

by John Burton, M.D. History A 90-year-old woman has been a patient of the Beacham Ambulatory Care Center since 2000.  Chronic conditions are pernicious anemia, osteoarthritis, and urinary incontinency.  She is fully functional and fully independent.  She provides care for the homebound husband who has severe COPD.  They live in a row home specifically “close […]

How long does it take to get a master’s degree?

A master’s degree is usually achieved within 2 years of starting the program, but can take longer or shorter depending on the individual student and the program that they are enrolled in. Some universities offer options for college students to enroll in programs that offer dual degrees where students can get a secondary degree along […]

Good blood microcirculation linked to longevity

Human longevity has been previously linked by researchers to genetic factors, calorie restriction, and certain life-style factors such as physical activity or the Mediterranean diet. Now, Italian researchers from La Sapienza University in Rome have identified an additional factor, which significantly contributes to a longer life. In a pilot study on some of the oldest […]

Teenagers experience rapid drop in number of calories burned during puberty, study finds

An acceleration in obesity among young teenagers could be explained by a 12-year-long study which found that the number of calories they burn while at rest drops suddenly in puberty. Research led by the University of Exeter Medical School, published in the Nature journal The International Journal of Obesity, found unexpectedly that when they reach […]

New virus discovered by SDSU researchers named influenza D

The executive committee of the International Committee of Taxonomy of Viruses approved naming a new virus, influenza D, as the South Dakota State University researchers who discovered it proposed, according to professor Feng Li. The committee officially announced a new genus, Orthomyxovirdae, with a single species, Influenza D virus, because of its distinctness from other […]

Asia and Africa at greatest risk of Zika virus

Analysis of climatic conditions and the propensity for travel has identified many countries across Africa and Asia-Pacific that are at high risk of Zika virus transmission. Since the 2015 Zika outbreak in Brazil, 50 countries have reported their first-ever cases of Zika infection. Modeling techniques have now been used to predict the potential spread of […]

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