Top 10 Tips for New Medical Students

In a few weeks’ time, our medical school will welcome into its fold a new batch of medical students. I know they’re excited. I also know that right now they are completely in the dark. They think they know what they got themselves into, but most of them don’t. I know that, because I’ve been […]

Tips To Engage patients to improve outcomes and reduce risks

A 42-year-old patient arrived for her annual gynecologist appointment complaining of a self-detected breast lump. She had several questions about her condition and wanted to tell her doctor about a family history of breast cancer.  The doctor was in a hurry and advised her to ask the staff, but the staff was busy with other […]

9 essential tips for new medical students.

Whether you’re starting medical school or beginning your second year, this post is for you. Will probably work just as well for PAs, NPs and any other health professional student who hasn’t started clinical rotations. Our former babysitter just graduated from medical school and the WhiteCoats are just as proud as her parents are. Then […]

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